The MWSS north concession area, managed and operated by the Luzon Clean Water Development Corporation (LCWDC), supplies potable water to 12 out of 24 Bulacan municipalities.   As MWSS’s agent, LCWDC is mandated to treat and convert raw water into drinkable water compliant with the Philippine National Standards on Drinking Water (PNSDW) and comply with the regulatory framework on drinking water safety of the Department of Health (DOH).

Administrative Order No. 0010-2017 issued by DOH in June 2017 provides the guidelines for the review and approval of the Water Safety Plan (WSP) by water service providers.  A WSP documents public health risk-based assessment and management processes to ensure a safe and secure supply of drinking water for consumers.  A Certificate of Water Safety approval by DOH, in the case of LCWDC, is an acknowledgment that it has met the stringent DOH framework on the multi-barrier approach in providing bulk water to the 12 water districts.

The MWSS concessionaires Manila Water and Maynilad were the first to receive a tick from DOH since the WSP was rolled out.  LCWDC is the second among bulk water suppliers operating outside Metro Manila to receive DOH approval.

As we face escalating threats of typhoons, droughts, natural calamities, the Concessionaires’ ability to provide safe drinking water during and after emergencies is critical.  MWSS appreciates the Concessionaires’ hard work towards creating a step-change based on established risk-management principles with the prevention-focused operation and monitoring practice of the supply chain under the WSP.