Metro Manila’s source of water supply, namely Angat, Ipo and La Mesa Dam are stable and that there is enough water to last this summer season.  Overall, the capacity of storage at the dams are good; though it is most desirable to fill Angat Dam up to its upper rule curve and to veer away from the conservation zone as projected to likely to occur if supply is not properly managed.

Currently, the level of water in Angat dam is at 192.95 meters, or 4.42 meters higher than the normal rule curve elevation of 188.53 meters.  It is 4.42 meters above the lower rule curve though 1.18 meters less than the year on year upper operational curve of 192.95 meters.

La Mesa Dam, which is used as reserve raw water storage for emergencies or water shortage is way above its critical water level of 75 meters.    Emphasis must be made that there is no disruption to the raw water supply to portals to trigger an emergency/ water shortage to warrant withdrawal from the La Mesa reservoir.  While there may have been disruptions in water supply availability, said disruptions are due to leak repairs, operational adjustments, and network maintenance activities to improve water supply availability.

The weather outlook from April-September 2020 as predicted by PAGASA indicates near normal rainfall.  Though the summer heat and the spread of the Covid-19 had seen an uptick in domestic water consumption, we assure the public that mitigation measures and technical solutions are in place to optimize our existing water supplies.

We continue to appeal for continued vigilance on the responsible use of water as we go about the hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of the corona virus, avoid wasteful water practices, and always keep water conservation in mind.