Inspection of LMWTP 1 and 2 lead by MWSS Administrator Leonor C. Cleofas, with Deputy Administrator Jose Dorado, Jr. and Department Managers Jose Escoto, Field Operations & Management, Delfin Sespeñe, Site Operations & Management, on 29 March 2022.

The LMWTPs 1 and 2 treat 60% of the raw water at Angat Dam. Since 2017, the plants have been undergoing upgrading to increase their capacity to treat turbidity in raw water from 300 to 2000 Nephelometric Turbidity Units [NTU] and to retrofit structures for increased earthquake resistance. The retrofits and technical upgrades will result in a reduction of chemical use in the treatment process through improved filtration and sludge treatment, the replacement of motorized mixing with hydraulic mixing, the installation of solar power, the construction of additional facilities, installation of additional equipment which will automate processes.

Administrator Leonor Cleofas visited the LMTP 1 and 2 and urged Maynilad executives to complete the technical upgrades an ease the “off-peak interruptions” experienced by customers west of the concession area. As she said. “Safe drinking water and the reliability of water service should both be addressed, because they are both important to public health.”