SEC. 43. Mandatory Website. – In accordance with Section 25 of the Act, all GOCCs shall maintain a website and post therein for unrestricted public access:

43.1. On Institutional Matters:

(a) MWSS Charter;

(b) For Nonchartered GOCCs, latest General Information Sheet (GIS) and brief company background including date of incorporation, history, functions and mandate; *Not Applicable

(c) List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates; and *Not Applicable

(d) Government Corporate Information Sheet (GCIS) as mandated by the GCG in its Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01

43.2. On the Board and Officers:

(a) Complete listing of the Directors and Officers with attached resume, and their membership in Board Committees

BOT Directors;

1 Atty. Jose R. Hernandez Chairman / concurrent OIC, Administrator
2 Leonor C. Cleofas, CESO IV Vice-Chairman / Administrator
3 Atty. Mariano C. Alegarbes Member
4 Engr. Merly M. Cruz Member
5 Vacant Member
6 Atty. Melanie S. Lambino Member
7 Vacant Member
8 Col. Melchior I. Acosta, Jr. Member
9 Atty. Rogelio V. Quevedo Member


1 Leonor C. Cleofas, CESO IV Administrator
2 Jose D. Dorado, Jr. Deputy Administrator, Engineering and Technical Operations Group
3 Walter M. Partosa Deputy Administrator for Management Services Group
4 Ronald S. Abrigo Deputy Administrator for Innovation and Technology Group
5 Renee Josephine G. Inting Board Secretary VI
6 Atty. Zahra Mina A. Ponay OIC, Internal Audit Department
7 Susanne S. Sta. Maria Manager, Policy, Planning and Public Relations Department
8 Augustine M. Vestil, Jr. Manager, Legal Services Department
9 Laurelynn F. Delos Santos Manager, Human Resources and Organizational Development and Learning Department
10 Calixta V. Eugenio OIC, Finance Department
11 Anabella S. Altuna Manager, Operations Support Department
12 Rene C. Zapiter Manager, Asset Management Department
13 Byron A. Carbon Manager, Research and Standards Development Department
14 Jose Alfredo B. Escoto, Jr. OIC, Water and Sewerage Management Department
15 Delfin U. Sespene OIC, Site Operations Management Department
16 Jose Alfredo B. Escoto, Jr. Manager, Field Operations Management Department


43.3. On Financial and Operational Matters:

(a) Annual Audit Report






(b) Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past 3 years
(c) Quarterly, and Annual Reports and Trial Balance;

Quarterly Reports:







Trial Balances:

  • Modification made pursuant to the general and special provisions in the FY 2018 GAA (Not Applicable)
  • Annual Reports on the status of income authorized by law to be deposited outside the National Treasury(Not Applicable)
(d) Current Corporate Operating Budget (COB)
(f) government subsidies and net lending
      • Not Applicable
(h) Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risk
(k) Performance Evaluation System (PES)

43.4. On Governance Matters:

(a) Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements


We derive our Mandate primarily from Republic Act 6234 which states the basic goals of the System and declares as its major policy the proper operation and maintenance of waterworks system to ensure an uninterrupted and adequate supply and distribution of potable water for domestic and other purposes and the proper operation and maintenance of sewerage systems in its service area which includes the whole of Metro Manila and parts of Cavite and Rizal.

(e) CSR Statement
(f) Balance Scorecard
      • Not Applicable
(g) Statement of Full Compliance

43.5. Such other information or report that the GCG may require.

Certificate of Compliance for full CCG