The MWSS, together with the signatories to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed in September 2020, went back to San Juan City on 21 January 2021 to throw Mabuhay Balls in Maytunas Creek. The creek, one of the five (5) waterways that flows into the San Juan River, suffers from algal growth and stench due to garbage even after the clean-up and maintenance activities.

The tossing of the Mabuhay or Effective Microbes (EM) ball is one of the water quality restoration solutions DENR, MWSS, Manila Water, LGU-San Juan, started early this year to clean the San Juan River prior to the engineering interventions that will be launched soon.  The 1000 EM balls thrown will sink to the creek bed, where the ‘good bacteria’ will eat away the harmful bacteria to biologically consume odor-causing toxins and break down waste that degrades the river system.

The EM balls for water quality restoration is 100% eco-friendly.  Residents living within the waterways can contribute to healthier eco-systems by making their EM ball.  Making EM balls presents a good option for water clean-up volunteers, supplement income of displaced workers, a worthwhile activity for out-of-school youth, and a good stress reliever for pandemic fatigue.

The kick-off activity was participated by DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu, Manila Water CEO Jose Almendras, San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora, MWSS DA for Innovation and Technology Ronald Abrigo, and MWSS Regulatory Chief Regulator Patrick Ty.