The Kaliwa Dam project is a complex, multi-year construction development that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that all impacts to the surrounding environment, people and government policies are appropriately addressed.  The MWSS as an engineering company and with decades of experience in project development and implementation recognizes that its success is a reflection of its ability to function as a team.

The project team for the Kaliwa Dam is comprised of multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural professionals from the MWSS Project Management Office; the Project Management consultant, EDCOP in joint venture with PRIMEX, SMEC; and the Engineering, Procurement, Construction Contractor, China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC).

During the 2-day team building exercise held on 24-25 January 2020, project executives, experts, specialists, strengthened the bonds that brought them together to such a large, full-fledged infrastructure faced project.  The participants were placed in situations that required them to work together, apply their creativity, innovativeness and figure out novel ways to overcome obstacles.   Among the good things that emerged from the exercise was the strengthened relationships that participants brought back to their work environment.  The collaborative atmosphere that permeated after the session made everyone accountable where risks and challenges are approached constructively, building on them an attitude of “how we can do this together?”

If all permits are secured, construction is expected to begin this year.   With such a focused and highly-committed team, neither challenges nor adversity will likely run the team aground when storms appear.