The Supreme Court has released their decision regarding the appeal of separated MWSS employees in 1997 under ERIP II due to privatization.

SC has affirmed the decision dated 28 February 2007 and Resolution dated 14 August 2007 of the Court of Appeals in CA-G.R. SP No. 92391. In summary, the decision states that the appellees (MWSS retirees) who were separated from appellant (MWSS office) in 1997 under ERIP II have a clear legal right to the payment of the balance of their separation pay in the amount equivalent to 0.5 per year times BMP pursuant to MC no. 26-96 and the accompanying circulars issued pursuant to E.O 286 which covers the following: (1) employees who have rendered less than fifteen (15) years of service provided they were not excluded by paragraph 1, MC No.26-96 and provided, further, that they were not absorbed by the private concessionaires during reorganizations and; (2) those who have served for more than thirty years.