Part of a workable plan to address Angat Dam’s declining level was an agreement between MWSS and National Irrigation Administration (NIA)  on mitigation programs to ensure that MWSS customers do not experience rotational water interruptions and that NIA farmers save crops planted during the dry cropping season (November 2021 to April 2022).

The agreement was reached on January 1, 2022, in a meeting chaired by National Water Resources Board (NWRB) between NIA, MWSS, Manila Water Company, and Maynilad Water Services Inc., where MWSS will support four (4) of the seven (7) programs identified by NIA to mitigate the impact of a reduction in allocation to farmers relying on the Angat-Maasim River Irrigation System (AMRIS). The P65.705 million in funding support for the NIA’s mitigation programs will ensure that the 48 CMS for domestic supply from Angat Dam required to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the sustain the social and economic well-being of MWSS customers.

  1. Information and Education Campaign (IEC) on water conservation amounting to P705,000;
  2. Engagement of service provider to conduct cloud seeding operations within Angat, Dam, Ipo, La Mesa watersheds;
  3. Procurement of Shallow Tube Well Pumps (STWP) to be distributed to farmers’ associations amounting to P50.0 Million;
  4. Fuel subsidy for the operation of STWP amounting to P15.0Million

As of 2 February 2022, commitments for the four (4) programs had been met, with financial assistance given directly to the 113 farmer-irrigator associations: P15.7 million given on 25 January and 2 February 2022 for IEC and fuel subsidy; and 500 STWP units distributed on 28 January 2022. A cloud seeding service provider was hired on January 30, 2022, for a contract price of P1.67 million.


MWSS values its partnership with NIA in promoting equitable local water distribution, as well as NIA’s engagement with farmers in promoting participatory irrigation governance. MWSS, for its part, has identified the following summer supply augmentation measures to ensure continued service to its 19 million customers:

West Concession (Maynilad) East Concession (Manila Water)
·     Reduction in Non-revenue Water (NRW) OF 40 MLD for summer and additional 42 MLD at the end of 2022 ·     Maximization of raw water extraction from Laguna Lakes, increasing the Cardona Water Treatment Plant’s capacity from 80 MLD to 100 MLD