The MWSS Corporate Office held its first ever team-building exercise at the Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas under new Administrator Gerry Esquivel. The two-day affair on 16 & 17 June 2011 was a work-cum-play affair meant to revitalize energies of employees and at the same time revisit project priorities, goals and ownerships.

The whole group was broken down into teams and an expert facilitator was brought in to lead in the team/group workshops which were actually group dynamics exercises and games designed to encourage active participation and to condition the participants for the more serious phases of the exercise.

The next phase was actually a revisiting of the plans and programs of MWSS which elicited recommendations for improvement. The last phase was the statement of commitment by the employees to the Administrator relative to their respective assignments in their areas of concern. The evening (1st day) was confined to cocktails and videoke singing where everybody had his own way of making the night enjoyable to himself. Based on accounts from a good number of participants, this was the best team-building exercise ever held in terms of attendance and active and spirited engagement in the workshops and games.