MWSS has created a task force to reforest the Ipo Watershed which supplies water to Metro Manila. The main objective of Task Force 5 Watersheds (TF5W) is to rationalize the various management systems that have been invariably implemented for the Angat, Umiray, Ipo, La Mesa and Marikina Watersheds.

TF5W will create a system that integrates multilateral agreements (among concerned government and private sector stakeholders) on key performance indicators, a common approach to reforestation and forest protection, and a blueprint for multiple partnerships with civil society and local government.

Through TF5W, MWSS is set to implement a sophisticated data-basing plan consisting of LiDAR imaging of the five watersheds, and a thorough census of their present inhabitants. It is also preparing to undertake regular and strategic meetings to create partnerships with civil society – the first outreach activity of its kind for MWSS.