Ten trucks left the MWSS compound on July 29, a day after the MWSS-CO organized a Response Team for Abra earthquake victims. The convoy includes the MWSS-CO’s mobile water treatment plant, Manila Water’s  water tankers, Maynilad’s and MWSS-RO’s  gallon containers.

The information that Abra earthquake victims were queuing for water from fire trucks one day after a powerful earthquake shook its water system prompted MWSS to take action.  Since the convoy’s arrival in Abra on July 30, the team’s leader, MWSS Dept Mgr. Jose Alfredo B. Escoto Jr, has been organizing the deployment and distribution of water with the Provincial Social Welfare Department and the Abra Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

The majority of the team will return to Manila after the water-container deliveries, but the MWSS Team will remain in Abra to operate its mobile water treatment plant, which can produce 4,000 liters of potable water per hour, and provide emergency support for the power and communication needs of the locals in severely affected areas.