The MWSS has been implementing the Performance Evaluation Scorecard (PES) since 2013 but with the implementation of the Reorganization Plan and Early Retirement Program there was a need for officers, both the new and the old,  to revisit the principles, methodology and the strategies in the PES to achieve the MWSS-CO’s vision.

The senior management is responsible for content and quality of planning, execution, and compliance with the PES.  However, officers and employees have to see the big picture strategy, give active enforcement by contributing to both its development and execution.

The Governance Commission for GOCCs in response to MWSS’ request provided the Resource Speaker, Mr. Kenneth Rafols, from Corporate Governance Office-B.  Mr. Rafols discussed the framework in setting physical and organizational targets to comply with the standard requirements provided in GCG MC No. 2013-02 or the PES for the GOCC Sector.

With the orientation/ re-orientation on the PES, Management officers and staff are expected to focus vital energies on improving the outcomes committed in the yearly social contract with the GCG.