MWSS accepts the pre-qualification documents for the New Centennial Water Source – Kaliwa Dam Project (NCWS-KDP) after the first failure of bidding. Two bidders – Datem-Abeima Consortium and San Miguel Holdings Corporation – submitted their respective pre-qualification documents to MWSS on the assigned submission deadline of 16 October 2015. They passed the preliminary inspection on completeness of submission conducted by the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) on the same day after the opening. The BAC will conduct an evaluation of the contents of the submitted documents as to the eligibility of the bidders to bid, after which the submitting bidders will be notified of the findings and possible eligibility to the next stage. The two bidders were among the six (6) bidders who bought the bid tender documents for the project re-bid.

This is the second round of the bidding process for the project as the first one resulted in failure of bidding after no bidders from among those who originally submitted qualified during the pre-qualification stage.