MWSS lives out its broader community stewardship role not just in the communities where it operates but also reaches out to disaster-stricken communities by helping calamity victims have access to clean water.


The province of Virac, Catanduanes, has been declared in a state of calamity after having been worst hit by the back-to-back typhoons in November 2020.  An assessment done on the province’s water supply system proved grim because major pipelines were destroyed, that it would take some time for the households to be reconnected. There was no safe water to drink that cases of diarrhea had increased significantly.

Days since the typhoon, residents still had to live with whatever remained from the devastation.

MWSS immediately organized a team and sent its 4000 liters per hour-Mounted Mobile Water Treatment Plant to Virac.  During the 30 days that the team lived with the community, 4,500 gallons of drinking water was provided to the 12 Barangays (Tiga-a, Tubaon, Baliti, Buyo, Antipolo Del Sur, Antipolo Del Norte, Magnesia Del Sur, Magnesia Del Norte, Pajo, Bagio, Egang, Talisoy).

A small aid to alleviate the suffering of residents and help them return to their daily lives.