The MWSS participated in the 2016 Joint Vendor and Conference and Exhibit held at the MWSS building premises on 26-27 October 2016. The two-day program proper was held at the Maynilad Conference Room where various officials from MWSS, MWSI and MWCI and vendor  officials/representatives took turns in presenting different aspects of the water business including advancement and status of water  technology, water supply chain, environment and quality, trends in water/engineering. DA Bobby Cleofas delivered the keynote message on the long-standing commitment between MWSS and the concessionaires particularly on the concession agreements.

The exhibitors/vendors all 34 of them were given slots in various locations (e.g., Maynilad basement, Maynilad Grd. Floor, Maynilad PNB entrance, Mla. Water lobby-grd flr) in the MWSS building and showcased their various products on water through their brochures replete with souvenir items.