The MWSS participated in the 5th Inter-Agency Infrastructure Flagship Project (IFP) Forum, which took place on April 27, 2022, at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Complex water source projects take time to complete the inception, detailed design, and delivery phases before reaching the operational phase. The pandemic has brought new challenges, but MWSS has remained steadfast as projects progressed from design to delivery.

Administrator Cleofas shared during her executive message in the Forum how MWSS went full steam to pursue the delivery of the 4 water security IFPs under President Duterte’s Build, Build, Build Program:

(1)   P3.29 Billion Angat Water Transmission Improvement Project (AWTIP or Tunnel # 4) completed in 2020, completed 5 months ahead of schedule and the start of the 2nd phase of the AWTIP or Tunnel #5;

(2)  P20 Billion Tayabasan Multi-Basin Project to be completed in October 2022;

(3)  P7.429 Billion Bigte Novaliches Aqueduct No. 7 (AQ #7) in June 2022;  and

(4)  P12.189  Billion Kaliwa Dam Project to start this year.

The projects represent fifty percent of the water source projects on the IFP list totaling approximately P43 billion. BBB has established solid foundations for the delivery of MWSS infrastructure well into the 21st century. MWSS is pleased to contribute to the nation’s future infrastructure of the next generation.