Today, the MWSS received its requested 2 cubic meters per second (CMS) raw water allocation from Angat Dam, which is in addition to the 46 CMS granted by the National Water Resources (NWRB) on 12 March 2020.  From May 14-31, available raw water for distribution will now be 48 CMS instead of only 46 CMS.

The MWSS has strongly urged the NWRB that it needs its 2 CMS to meet the supply requirements of Metro Manila amidst the COVID-19 pandemic situation and the steaming heat, which adversely affects the reservoir levels and spike water consumption.

Though the MWSS has calibrated all possible efforts to provide the best level of service possible at 46 CMS, widespread water service interruptions due to increased demand prevailed in the concession area. Our target goal at present is to increase the 24-hour water availability and to arrest water service interruptions, which had recently been widespread despite water loss recovery measures, raw water supply augmentation from Laguna Lake, and deep well yields made available for distribution to meet increasing demand.

MWSS is mindful of the risks in the declining Angat Dam elevation and is confident in the fact that the trend of decline is reasonable based on historical records.  Moreover, the decline is slowed down by the inflow from the Umiray River, averaging between of 9 to 13  CMS, as part of MWSS’ contribution to Angat Dam out of the 17.5 CMS water rights MWSS holds from the yield of Umiray and Sumag Rivers.  Thus, despite an increased MWSS’ drawdown and as projected by hydrologists, Angat Dam will not drop below the minimum 180-meter mark this year.

Administrator Salamat said that “the release of the 2 CMS is a timing move meant to ensure unimpeded delivery of essential water-related activities and services which is part of the government’s efforts against COVID 19 in this challenging period of extended ECQ”.

The MWSS assures it, stakeholders, that it will continue to balance the public’s water needs vis-a-vis Angat’s sustainability in providing clean and sufficient water supply for Metro Manila and other service areas within MWSS jurisdiction.