Administrator Salamat announced today that MWSS water allocation would be maintained at 48 cubic meters per second (CMS) until the end of June 2020, as requested by MWSS to NWRB.

He said that the overriding reason to said request was to ensure that water supply is available in protecting human health against COVID-19 and to sustain the current water system demands that are at an all-time high due to higher than normal temperatures for this time of year.  The MWSS has requested the two concessionaires to implement an equitable distribution of water allocation to make sure to deliver better services and support government efforts during the period of GCQ

It will be recalled that water allocation of 46 CMS for domestic use was increased to 48 CMS on 14 May 2020 upon the request of MWSS to reduce the rotational water service interruptions being experienced in the service area.  At 48 CMS, almost 100% of customers in East Zone enjoy 24/7 supply.  In the West Zone, 80-90% of customers have 24-hour supply, and daily rotational water service interruptions isolated only during off-peak hours in “high demand” and elevated areas, which allows customers thereat to be better prepared in storing water for their daily needs.

Other reasons to MWSS request for continued allocation of 48 CMS is the assurance that Angat Dam, remains sustainable based on:

  1. PAGASA’s probabilistic rainfall projection from June to November 2020 indicating that Angat watershed will receive above-normal rainfall.  A promising assurance that Angat’s water level would rise further with the incoming rainy conditions;
  2.  NWRB’s  projection that at 48 CMS allocation maintained in June, Angat dam will still be at a comfortable level of 188 meters, or more than 8 meters above the critical level;
  3. MWSS’ projected inflows of 55 CMS from Umiray-Angat-Ipo tributaries, which will offset the drawdowns from the Angat dam.

As of 8 AM today, Angat Dam elevation is at 190.05 meters or 1 meter above the operational upper rule curve.  The variation rate of water level in May exhibited a rise-decrease-rise trend compared with the previous continuous decline trend in April 2020.

Meanwhile, Ipo Dam and La Mesa Dam elevations in May though still below their ideal operating level of 101 meters and 80 meters, respectively, are within the manageable level and  is projected to gradually increase in the forthcoming rainy season.

Water treatment plants operated by MWSS Concessionaires that process raw water from Laguna Lake operates at full capacity to narrow the total supply gap in the service area.   Aside from that, the total yield from all operational deep wells has reached 40 MLD.

The MWSS assures the public that we are doing our best efforts to meet the water needs and perform its mandate in providing clean, and sufficient supply for Metro Manila and other service areas within MWSS jurisdiction.