MWSS receives the 2014 Performance Based Bonus (PBB) and Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) as it has been assessed ELIGIBLE by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) to receive of the 2014 PBB.  The GCG approved MWSS’ application for PBB on 29 May 2015 having satisfied all the fiscal, operational, transparency, and governance requirements.

The clearance came after a series of performance validation exercises using the Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF) for agencies and satisfying the Good Governance Conditions set by GCG such as the filing by all officers and employees of their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) and compliance with anti-red tape statutes and transparency guidelines.

Performance of the employees was measured using the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) by the Civil Service Commission.  All employees who met the productivity and performance criteria were given the PBB based on the distribution factor in relation to individual contributions to performance indicators as set in the agency’s Major Final Outcomes (MFO).

The MWSS also was able to comply with the Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) criteria set under Executive Order No. 181, or the Implementation of the Provisions of the FY 2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA) on the grant of FY 2015 PEI to Government Employees.  MWSS employees qualified for the PEI for having achieved 100% of MWSS’ 2014 targets based on two performance indicators in all of their MFOs.

The PBB and PEI are incentives to employees for work done well.  More than just being eligible for the PBB and the PEI, the MWSS employees work in pursuit of its WSL program.