MWSS’ higher-ranking employees conducted a 2-day planning workshop at the DBP Training Center in Baguio City on September 20-22, 2018. Topics were Gender Mainstreaming Action Framework and presentation of 2018 departmental accomplishments, plans and programs for CY 2019.

The 2-day workshop was productive as it made use of practical applications of GAD to develop a more realistic GAD program for MWSS for 2018-2019. Meanwhile, the presentation and discussions of departmental work programs were able to correlate tasks and identify overlaps and priorities resulting in a more cohesive overall / consolidated set of MWSS Plans and Programs moving forward.

For all the tedious work that may have characterized the first two days, the participants were amply rewarded on the third day as they were given exclusive opportunity to visit some areas of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) headquarters that are not normally open to the public, through the courtesy and efforts of PDDG Reynaldo Velasco (Ret) and Gen. Moro Lazo (Ret.) (Department Manager, Asset Management), two alumni and former ranking officers of the PMA. The MWSS employees were given special access to visit the PMA cadets’ quarters, eat lunch with the cadets and cavaliers at their dining hall (Yap Hall) and were afforded an exclusive special performance by the cadets called the “Silent drill.” For many in the group, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It was a fitting and refreshing end to an otherwise work-filled experience in Baguio; some testimony that a good balance of work and leisure should be the norm rather than the exception in work.