In time with the celebration of 2019 Environment Month with this year’s theme “Gender and Environment and Arbor Day”, volunteer MWSS employees participated in the Annual Tree Planting Activity held on June 25, 2019 at Ipo watershed. Out of 46 participants in the activity, 23 are female and 23 are male, a true indicator that gendered impact of climate related changes is already mainstreamed in the MWSS.

The celebration is also linked with the agency’s initiative, led by Administrator Rey Velasco, called the Annual Million Tree Challenge (AMTC) which aims to plant 1 million trees each year in watersheds that are the major sources of Metro Manila’s drinking water.

The tree planting activity was led by the team of Mr. Roman V. Corpuz, MWSS-CO’s Manager for Watershed Management Division in coordination with the Bantay Gubat Team. The activity started with a short briefing on how the Environment Month is corroborated with the Role of Women, and then followed by a discussion on how to properly handle the plant saplings before proceeding to the planting area.

It was a fulfilling yet challenging activity for the employees as despite trailing the rough terrains and rivers of Ipo, they managed to plant 500 seedlings that would greatly help in the reforestation of Ipo watershed.

The tree planting ended with a boodle-fight style lunch signifying the successful teamwork of MWSS and Bantay Gubat team.