Many MWSS employees left gifts of food, groceries, rice, vegetables, essential goods, some contributed money to buy food supplies, for the opening of the community pantry organized by the MWSS-Corporate Office starting today.

Organizers and volunteers worked through the weekend coordinating with the LGU, carrying groceries, stocking and organizing food to ensure social distancing and observance of health protocols, and bring down the wait times.  When the pantry opened at 9 AM, around 400 individuals were already in line.

MWSS Chairman and concurrent Administrator Reynaldo V. Velasco said, “During this uniquely difficult time, while many people are struggling, there are also many people who are generous and eager to help.  They want to be part of the solution.”  He added, “Hunger, food insecurity increased substantially during COVID pandemic.  What we did today and our partners will do in the succeeding 4 days, hopefully will open doors for exponential growth.  This joint project shows that individual contributors can make a difference not just through money or goods, but also by volunteering their time to help other people.”

The smile on the faces of beneficiaries as they left the line, hits home that food security should be sustainable. MWSS appreciates the support of its Concessionaires and partners in heeding the call to support the community pantry.  At least people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from

will have assurance for the next few days.  The MWSS will run the community pantry with daily organizers as follows:

26 April – MWSS Corporate Office 29 April- Luzon Clean Water Development Corp
27 April – Maynilad Water Services 30 April- Office of the Government
28 April – Manila Water Company Corporate Counsel, National Anti Poverty Commission, MWSS-Regulatory Office, Water & Sewerage Sector Savings and Loan Association, and  North Rail