As the year 2018 opens, MWSS is optimistic that prioritization on projects and programs are in order so as to achieve a common goal, that is to secure water for the people of Metro Manila and its suburban areas. To attain this, extra minds and hands are essential to expedite such, thus, the agency has decided to hire fresh bloods to hone and prepare them for their exciting future ahead. Two of the students who started as on-the-job trainees have performed exceptional functions, hence after graduation, they were immediately hired as temporary members of MWSS staff.

Undoubtedly, new rooms for growth and improvement will always be possible for MWSS as pursued by the new administration as well.


Born and raised from the unspoiled paradise of Palawan, Nestelyn or Nesty, as what her closest folks would fondly call her, graduated from Palawan State University (PSU) in 2018 with a degree of B.S. Petroleum Engineering.

Before she completed her course, she made an effort to balance school and work by being a student assistant at PSU and as a part-time staff at Philippine Association of Social Workers Inc. As a school requirement, she landed her on-the-job training at MWSS Corporate Office (Project Management Division) from January 2018 until May 2018, where she was recognized as an outstanding worker that led her to immediately landing a job in MWSS.

Aside from being responsible lass at a young age, she’s also inclined to reading and active running during her free time.



As the second child from a brood of five, Cleofe or Kei, is more than just a pretty face. She has proven that being an OJT should be taken seriously, thus right after her 4-month stint in MWSS Corporate Office (Project Management Division), she was absorbed and offered a job in the same agency.

A graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Palawan State University in 2018, she has showed her abilities and efforts in the office without compromising her love for writing, reading and love for the beach which she usually do and visit during her spare time.