Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of firm performance.  Guided by the “Standard Guidelines of the GCG on the Conduct of the Customer Satisfaction Survey of the GOCCS under the jurisdiction of the GCG,” the Performance Evaluation System Guidebook of the Governance Commission on Government-Owned and -Controlled Corporations (GCG), and the ISO 9001:2015 Standards, Management, the MWSS-CO engaged the UP-CIFAL as its independent third-party research firm to do the Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey (SSS).


The SSS will determine the level of satisfaction of MWSS’ stakeholders on its collaborative efforts and services with the MWSS-CO on their particular areas of interface with the MWSS for the year 2019.  The survey will serve as a guidepost to better understand the needs of our clients/stakeholders and improve our service delivery and effectiveness in terms of generating public awareness to our programs and projects.


The survey is one of the commitments of the MWSS in its 2019 Performance Scorecard with the GCG. The stakeholders that will be surveyed are clustered into six (6): National Government Agencies; Concessionaires; Building Lessees;  Right-of-Way Lessees; Local Government Units and the Regulatory Office Employees.


Present at the MOA signing on 25 October 2019, were MWSS Administrator Emmanuel B. Salamat and U.P. Executive Vice President Teodoro J. Herbosa and Dr. Edna Co of UP-CIFAL.