Exactly a year ago, the MWSS-CO was accredited by a third party auditing firm, AJA Registrars, as being ISO 9001:2015 certified.  The certification was in the area of “Project Management Process and the Facilitation of the Project Management Approval Process”


This year the MWSS-CO went through another Quality Management System (QMS) assessment conducted by SOCOTEC Certification UK (formerly AJA Registrars), as part of the 3-year rolling audit process.  ISO 9001:2015 requires that for the organization’s accreditation to remain valid it must undergo re-certification.

The MWSS staff led by the Research and Development Department (RSDD), planned months ahead prior to 3 December, the date the certificate would be verified.  The RSDD not only reviewed the effectiveness of the QMS but likewise ensured that the prior year’s observations on minor non-conformances were corrected and continual improvement processes were put in place.

The surveillance team reassessed the leadership and performance of the top management’s functions on operations planning, systems control, support and resources particularly the Asset Management Dept, Human Resources Development Dept, Operations Support Dept.

The success of the 1st surveillance audit is generally attributed it to the unselfish efforts of the men and women of MWSS who chose to take ISO responsibility seriously to lock-in full compliance to all the audit requirements of the standard.

Certificate Passed 1st surveillance – ISO (12032019)