The MWSS Corporate Office got its Certificate for Public Administration covering the Project Management Process and the Facilitation of the Project Management Approval Process. The Registration Certificate, dated 13 December 2018 was issued by AJA Registrars, the third party auditing firm which conducted the certification process. AJA Registrars, which was selected from among three bidders, conducted two stages of bidding comprising the complete auditing process for certification in December this year. What were actually audited and certified were not only the Project Management process of the MWSS CO – which is one of the core processes of MWSS CO – but also support processes (Planning, Asset Management, Human Resources Development, Operations Support, Finance, and Legal processes).

The MWSS ISO certification is one of the MWSS CO’s Performance Scorecard Targets with the GCG for CY 2018 and is one of the pre-requisites for MWSS’ eligibility to receive the 2018 Performance-Based Bonus (PBB).

Preparations for the certificate started as early as the first quarter when a team of selected staff of MWSS CO underwent training on the precepts and provisions of the latest version (2015) of ISO 9001. The office hired a consultant to help us prepare for the rigorous requirements of certification. This includes the preparation of the Quality Manual which outlines the basic provisions of the Standard and the corresponding applications for MWSS CO. Other primary documentary requirements prepared were the Quality Management Strategy Plan containing the processes of each department in relation to project management; Internal Audit Procedure and Results of Internal Audit of each department; and the Document Management System Manual.