The MWSS-CO will be eternally grateful to Deputy Administrator Leonor C. Cleofas, who retired from the service on 27 May 2021. DA Bobby, as she is affectionately called in the office, will forever be remembered as the leader who oversaw the successful completion of water reliability projects such as AWUAIP, AWTIP, and BBWSP, to say the least.

DA Bobby established herself as a thought leader on complex water issues, ranging from equitable water management to MWSS water infrastructure investment.  With her forward-thinking business perspective and an enthusiasm for fixing these issues, she worked to solve many of Metro Manila’s most pressing water and wastewater concerns.

The MWSS Board of Trustees presented her with an appreciation plaque and portrait memoir. Officers and staff members wished her all the best in the future and accorded her a proper send-off.  But, how do we say farewell to someone whose dedication is immeasurable and whose guidance is priceless? How do we say farewell to a visionary public servant who approaches every policy decision with an eye toward sustainability and conservation? How do we say goodbye to a leader who has demonstrated her capacity to overcome adversity and prioritize her MWSS family even in the face of difficulty? There are no words, but a special place in the hearts of the many whose lives she has touched in the service of MWSS.

The MWSS-CO will be forever indebted to the extraordinary leader, expert and change agent she has been for the agency.