MWSS-CO employees conducted its Operational Planning and Budgeting Workshop

Administrator Velasco opened the two-day operational planning workshop participated in by key officers of the Corporate Office. He advised the participants to stay updated, dedicated to advancing all aspects of strategic thinking, planning and action. As a food for thought he asked everyone to reflect on the “MWSS’ existence beyond the concession agreement and how such regulatory change could affect the public.”

Ms. Menchie Auste, an experienced and internationally certified strategic planning and organizational development specialist, started her pre-workshop exercise with an external and internal assessment reflection questions which were presented by the participants during the first part of session. The Department Managers then discussed their insights and strategic –level wishes for the next 3 years. The activities were very substantial as each department was able to clarify their functions, identify their strategic priorities and operational initiatives to accelerate their targets and create stakeholder value.

On its last day of planning, the activity focused on the “What and Whys of MWSS” and the participants were divided into six (6) groups:

1.) Stakeholder Engagement

2.) Enhancing Synergies with the Regulatory Office

3.) Multiple Income Streams Expanding Resource

4.) Securing & Optimizing Asset Management

5.) Crafting an equitable Concession Agreement

6.) Strategic Communications


The goal of the process was to create an actionable plan that would address key issues such as clarifying strategic vision; outlining core priorities; and discern the most effective alignment of personnel, structures and resources to accomplish that strategic outcomes.

Capping the 2-day planning was the molding of clay which represented each group’s reflection of the said activity. As assessed by the speaker, each concept was signifying teamwork, which was actually the whole point of the planning. In order to execute a plan, we should be able to move together as one and to believe that what we do could be a great work indeed.

Higher executives of MWSS-CO conducted its 3-day strategic planning session on July 17-19, 2019, which mainly aimed to plan for the betterment of the services through MWSS’ alignment to its Performance Scorecard and create outputs to be implemented by the whole agency.

The rainy cold weather in Alta D’ Tagaytay did not impede the intense discussion during the first day of planning for the Annual Procurement Plan (APP) CY 2019-2020 and Budgeting Plan.

On the second day, Ms. Menchie Auste, speaker for the next two days of planning, led the series of activities. Each manager discussed its Plans and Programs for their respective departments, after the presentations and discussions, interactive deliberations among groups were exercised about the insights, implications and 3-year plan of each group. These activities were very substantial as each department was able to clarify their functions, identify their strengths, weaknesses, comply and implement what has been proposed and recommended.

On its last day of planning, the activity focused on the “What of Whys of MWSS.” Officials were divided into 6 groups and were asked to tackle on how to identify and improve 6 areas such as a.)Crafting an equitable Concession Agreement b.)Enhancing Synergies with the Regulatory Office c.) Multiple Income Streams Expanding Resource d.) Securing & Optimizing Asset Management e.) Stakeholders Engagement f.) Strategic Communications. Aside from discussing these with their own teams, they were also asked to discuss these with other groups that conclusively, were able to pinpoint different visions that would later on benefit MWSS.