The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has awarded the MWSS-CO’s Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) a Bronze Award.

PRIME-HRM is the Commission’s strategy to develop and empower agencies in the Philippine government. The PRIME-HRM Award Structure has two levels (1) recognition and (2) award. Agencies that meet certain maturity level in at least one core HR system, based on the result of their self-assessment, will be given recognition. Agencies that achieve a certain level of maturity in all four (4) core HR systems and pass the on-site evaluation will be given an award.

The MWSS-CO has held a PRIME-HRM Level II accreditation since 2013, but has never received an award from CSC. In August 2021, the MWSS-CO underwent a series of virtual assessments and evaluation process on the 4 core HR systems

As a result of CSC’s determination that the MWSS-CO has continually improved on its human resource systems, CSC issued Resolution No. 2100962 dated 24 November 2021 conferring the Bronze Award.

Administrator Cleofas said. . . “The award demonstrates that everyone contributed to the implementation and compliance with the various PRIME-HRM indicators. Without collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork, an agency will lack the strength and power necessary to accomplish its objectives, particularly as a recognized agency that has excelled in the four core areas of: (1) Recruitment, Selection, and Placement (2) Performance Management System; (3) Learning and Development; and (4) Rewards and Recognition. The award should inspire and motivate us all to do more and work harder to reach the next level, PRIME-HRM Maturity Level III, or an agency managed through an integrated HRM systems using a combination of process metrics and data optimization.  I encourage everyone to keep our vision for 2028 in mind and in our hearts – –

A dependable and reliable agency, with resilient water source infrastructure and competent personnel working under a strong organizational structure.”