The MWSS Management is issuing this statement to clarify the article published by the  Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) on 11 June 2020,  authored by Mr. Armand Galang, PDI’s Northern Luzon correspondent.  Mr. Galang mentioned MWSS as the employer of the three (3) patients who tested positive of the COVID-19.

As a government agency responsible for tackling the COVID 19 public health emergency, with water and sanitation, the news dangerously questions the prevention measures in the transmission of the contagion in our very own workplace.

The MWSS has prepared its workplace in the context of COVID-19 new normal, such that employees can go back to their families at the end of their workday, content in the thought that measures are in place to keep them and the public they transact with safe within the MWSS confines.

As deputized by the DPWH, the MWSS has issued accreditation IDs to our concessionaires and their contractors’ field and site personnel to ensure adequate supply during the national lockdown. MWSS has verified the PDI story and found that the patients are not employees of the MWSS but employees of the Contractor working for our Concessionaire.

The Contractor has done contact tracing and has confirmed that the patients had no contact with any MWSS employee for the past 14 days, and has assured MWSS that it will update its “Place of Work Report of Illnesses and Diseases” to DOLE and DOH.

Our Concessionaires, on the other hand, have implemented an employee testing program and had established protocols for contact tracing.  Positive tested employees who remain asymptomatic have been isolated.  The MWSS has emphasized to all building occupants to strengthen transparency and discipline in light of the circumstances, so we can together mitigate risks to employees and the public.