As the AMTC enters its fourth year of reforestation efforts, the MWSS-CO forged a real win-win partnership with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP).

In a meeting held on 7 Jan 2020, MWSS Board Chairman  Reynaldo V. Velasco together with BSP’s National President Roberto M. Pagdanganan, and Chief National Commissioner Cedrick G. Train,  discussed the strategic alignment of the AMTC with the BSP’s “Scouts Go Green Project”.  Chairman Velasco said “multi-level partnerships that combines organizational strengths and capabilities is still the fastest way to promote watershed health”.

The AMTC launched in February 2017, ushered MWSS’ rebirth as an environment steward.  The MWSS-CO partners with various organizations from National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, civil society and private sector to rehabilitate the 7 critical watersheds, namely La Mesa, Ipo, Angat, Laguna Lake, Upper Marikina and Kaliwa, supplying water to Metro Manila and parts of Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan by planting and nurturing at least one (1) million trees annually.  Planting trees help increase the water-holding capacity of a watershed and at the same time eliminate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that can help mitigate the worsening climate change in the country.

The MWSS- BSP collaboration in the AMTC brings environmental stewardship a notch higher, as scouts and volunteers connect with nature, commit to care for the environment, in  a shared sense of purpose and mission in achieving watershed health.  The partnership will also create an enabling environment for the youth to participate in long-term advocacy on environmental stewardship.