Finding ways to connect and help calamity victims, builds hope and reminds them that they are not alone in their difficult times.  This has been the real motivation behind MWSS’s determination to assist disaster victims in any way it can.

Fifteen days after MWSS-led response teams arrived in quake-devastated Abra, they have been aiding Metro Bangued Water District (MBWD) in the delivery of an average of  50,000 liters of potable water per day to the MBWD serviced areas.   The MBWD provides services to the municipality of Bangued and the neighboring municipalities of Penarrubia, Tayum, and Pidingan, which were the severely damaged by the 7.3-magnitude earthquake that had its epicenter in Tayum, Abra.  Expectedly, the collapsed pipes are close to the water supply source, a spring in Barangay Lusuac, Penarrubia, some 8 kilometers from Bangued.

The Teams begin their day before sunrise and work until well after dusk to ensure that quake victims in Bangued, Pidigan, Tayum, Penarrubia, Langiden, Lagangilang, San Juan, San Quintin, San Isidro, Bucay, Lagayan, Licuan and Baay, have access to safe drinking water.  In addition to providing treated water from its mobile water treatment plant to water tankers dispatched to various localities, the Response Team supported in the acquisition of supplies and parts to resume piped operations and provided technical assistance to ensure water availability. The offered technical evaluations included the identification of valving locations for pressure management, the repair of storage reservoirs and conveyance systems, and the continuing Abra River project as a new water source.

The water tanker deliveries have been extended for a further 15 days, providing MBWD sufficient time to restore operations and continue supplying potable water to residents.