Not all heroes wear capes, but they all wear uniforms, and heroes save the day without asking for thanks, but not for MWSS Administrator Leonor C. Cleofas, who joined Manila Water Company (MWC) in paying tribute to the AFP 503rd Battalion for assisting MWSS and MWC during the disaster response operations in areas severely impacted by Typhoon Odette.  The MWSS and MWC assisted victims with relief supplies via air sorties and equipment transported by sea, courtesy of the AFP. They worked overtime for weeks and months, assisting the MWSS response team in transporting the mobile water treatment plant and distributing MWC’s relief supplies.

Administrator Cleofas stated in her message, “While we all wish to leave behind the devastation caused by Odette in order to pave the way for rehabilitation and new beginnings, let us remember the efforts of the AFP 503rd Battalion, who gave their all to a cause that is nothing short of a war.  We salute and thank you for your everyday service and bravery.”