The MWSS entered into a 25-year Usufruct Agreement on May 17, 2022, granting the City of San Juan the right to use its property on Santolan Road. The property is situated southwest of the city limits of Quezon City and San Juan, where several aqueducts pass through. The collaboration is a component of MWSS’s efforts to promote optimal use and allocation of its properties, as well as social cohesion, economic growth, and future development opportunities with the local governments where MWSS operates.

Under the Usufruct, LGU-San Juan will construct a multi-purpose building, and will ensure the safety of the conveyance structures underneath by securing the site from informal settlers as was the case when in 2021 MWSS allowed the construction of the Women’s Hub along the subject property.

The Usufruct Agreement was formally signed by MWSS Administrator, Leonor C. Cleofas and San Juan City Mayor, Francisco Javier M. Zamora.