a) To promote a culture of excellence and accountability within the agency and ensure the employees’ general well-being; b) To elevate MWSS to international professional standards in governance, finance, engineering and guiding principles and mandates of Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations

  • Implementation of MWSS Reorganization
  • Bulacan Water Project Gets Nomination to 2017 Global Water Awards
  • MWSS Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP)
  • 2017 MWSS Performance Scorecard Targets Fully Met


  1. To put in place the proper Organizational Structure, with sufficient and capable manpower to support the Water Security Legacy Agenda.
  2. To ensure the empowerment and continued growth of MWSS employees.
  3. To ensure the proper management of and sharing of water information and skills.
  4. To promote culture of excellence and accountability while ensuring the well-being of employees