To ensure Concessionaires’ compliance to the original Concession Agreement (1997-2022) and the Concession Agreement’s Term Extension (2022-2037) on sewerage and sanitation services


  1. Clean-up of Manila Bay
  2. Three-River System Improvement Program (a program for the treatment of sewer and wastewater before such water returns to the 3-river system of San Juan, Marikina and Mandaluyong)
  3. Continuous desludging of septic tanks per the targets set
  4. Breakdown of targets per municipality and city of prioritization and better monitoring
  5. Adoption of a creek interception and drainage outflow interception
  6. Setting-up of wastewater treatment facilities in defined catchment areas and major interceptor lines
  7. Upgrading and expansion of Central Manila Sewerage System
  8. Better target and standard-setting and improved design criteria
  9. Improved treatment technology and design capacity for Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs)
  10. Improved sewer ordinance and policy making
  11. Continuing awareness campaign on water reuse


To ensure Concessionaire compliance with the Concession Agreement (CA) Term Extension Targets for 2011-2037; in summary:

  • 100% Sewer Connection By: Manila Water: 2025 and Maynilad: 2036