The MWSS-Corporate and Regulatory Office, Manila Water Company (MWC), and Maynilad Water Services (MWSI) joined forces to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MWSS privatization. The event, held on 1 August 2022, represented the parties’ commitment to ensuring that each contributes materially to the fulfillment of their obligations related to water security, sewerage, and sanitation services. As the concession begins a new 15-year chapter, the main theme of the event was greater communication and hand-holding involvement to expedite public access to water and sewerage services.  The event also signaled that the next 15-years into privatization’s 2nd chapter will be hectic as the Concessionaires are mandated to achieve 100% water, sewerage and sanitation coverage by 2037.

The activities of the event began with a Thanksgiving mass presided over by Fr. Jerry. M. Orbos, SVD.  In his homily, Father Jerry underlined the value of resiliency, which was how the MWSS and the Concessionaires overcame obstacles and adversity to ensure enough clean and potable water supply in mega Manila.

A brief program included the messages from the CEOs of the CO and RO, MWC and MWSI,

Their messages had a common theme — the success of MWSS privatization was due to the strong partnership between the MWSS, Concessionaires, National Government, and other stakeholders.

Also part of the program was MWSS-CO’s  launching of an advocacy video on the wise use of water entitled “Water Security: Our Collective Responsibility.” The MWSS Board of Trustees initiated the production of the video with the intention of inspiring public behavior toward the prudent use of water. The video showed the challenges encountered by the MWSS and its Concessionaires in implementing major infrastructure projects to ensure continuous flow to customers’ taps.

The event concluded with a message by MWSS Governing Board Chairman Atty. Jose R. Hernandez, which was read by Trustee Col. Melchior I. Acosta, Jr.   In his message, Chairman Hernandez reminded concessionaires and regulators that they will not always agree on significant decisions or contentious issues, but that 25 years of experience had taught everyone the importance of cooperating to serve the public.

The MWSS privatization is internationally recognized as one of the largest and one of the few successful structural reforms in the water sector.  The MWSS and its Concessionaires, are committed to its mission of ensuring an uninterrupted and adequate supply of clean and potable water to its customers today and for the years to come.