MWSS awards the first water Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project with the issuance of the Notice of Award to the consortium of San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and Korea Water Resources Corporation (K Water) on 7 December 2015 for the P24.4 billion bulk water supply project in the Province of Bulacan. The SMC-K Water Consortium offered the best bid for Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project (BBWSP) when it offered the lowest bulk water charge of  P8.50 per cubic meter.

The bid parameter for BBWSP is the lowest bulk water charge per cubic meter that Bulacan water districts would have to pay the private proponent/Concessionaire.

On 24 November 2015, during the opening of the Financial Proposals, Administrator Gerardo Esquivel mentioned that “MWSS takes Water Security seriously. The spirit and soul behind Water Security is NOT about the abundance of water but the availability of water for all, particularly the poor.  This is what Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project is all about. This project is NOT about providing water to the 24 municipalities alone, nor is it just construction of a modular water treatment facility, nor is it about the conveyance system with 1.2 diameter pipes. All these are about water security, equality, fairness   leveling up the lives of many Filipinos that continue to be deprived of a basic human right.”

By tapping the private sector in this project, government will be able to deliver better services and secure access to potable water of millions of Filipinos in the Province of Bulacan.  The Project will also reduce the use of deep wells that contributes in mitigating the adverse environmental impact of excessive groundwater extraction.

BBWSP will provide treated bulk water to the 24 water service providers in Bulacan to help meet the increasing water demand of its consumers, expand its current service area coverage, and increase the households served.

Under a 30-year build-operate-and-transfer (BOT) contractual arrangement, the private proponent will undertake the financing, detailed design and construction, and operation and maintenance of conveyance facilities, treatment facilities and water source.

The BBWSP is one of the two water projects of the MWSS under the country’s PPP Program together with the P18.72 billion New Centennial Water Source-Kaliwa Dam Project.