MWSS joins the inauguration of the Global Environment Facility – Manila Third Sewerage Project (GEF-MTSP) sewage treatment plant in Project 7, Quezon City on 17 October 2013. Leading the inauguration ceremonies were top officials/representatives of the MWSS, Maynilad, DENR, World Bank and Quezon City.

The upgrade of the treatment plant – which is being operated by Maynilad – falls under component no. 6 of the seven components of the GEF-MTSP.  Project cost for the upgrade amounted to P266.3M, of which Php 57.7 was funded under the Grant and Php208.6M came from Maynilad.

The GEF-MTSP has as one of its objectives, the promotion of innovative, simple and effective wastewater treatment techniques.