The MWSS has relentlessly been pursuing improvements by putting in place management control systems in the allocation of its water resources coming from the Umiray-Angat-Ipo-La Mesa-Balara water supply system. Along this effort comes the objective of  establishing  a cost-effective  measurement systems for its water portals and conveyance system which aim to provide equitable  access to reliable and clean water through balanced and fully accounted water allocations to its  concessionaires.

Based on 2016 studies, the computed losses from the aqueducts are estimated at around 1.73 cubic meters per second (CMS) of raw water.   Meantime that the new flow meters are yet to be installed, MWSS spearheads the daily readings at the Novaliches portal, by-pass channels, and aqueducts to the respective portals of the Concessionaires, to ensure that every drop is accounted, recovered, and distributed to customers.

Administrator Salamat announced that the MWSS is taking formal and scientific  approach to standardize flow meters to be installed at the Umiray, Angat, and Laguna raw water sources.  Administrator Salamat further said that “Accurate flow metering is fundamental to the future conservation of water resources and the successful financial and operational management of existing water supply networks.  Decisions on capital investments in new water sources, new conveyance systems, new water treatment plants should be backed up with accurate flow instrumentation data and information, failing to gather the right information could result in failing to achieve the right water security results.”

The joint teams of MWSS Corporate and Regulatory Offices, the Concessionaires through the Common Purpose Facilities (CPF) have jointly been working on the installation of flow meters at the following locations:

  1. Umiray tunnel inlet and outlet
  2. Angat tailrace, downstream of Angat Dam going to Ipo Dam;
  3. Ipo tunnel inlet numbers 1-3;
  4. Aqueduct inlet in Bigte and Igay Basin; and
  5. Aqueduct outlet at Novaliches portal/Basin
  6. Novaliches portal.

On 20 August 2020, MWSS Administrator Emmanuel Salamat together with the joint inspection teams, walked the line and inspected the new Ultrasonic flow meter device that will be installed to replace the existing flow meters at the open channels and by-pass channel near the Novaliches portal where raw water from La Mesa Dam flows towards Balara and La Mesa Water Treatment Plants.

In due time, the MWSS will achieve its objective of establishing effective management control system that will ensure equitable access and fully accounted water allocation to its stakeholders.