MWSS has accepted the pre-qualification bids of five bidders for the BBWSP on 20 October 2014 beating the submission deadline of 12noon.  In the afternoon of the same day, the bid documents underwent preliminary evaluation by the PBAC and all five submissions were declared complete. The documents will be subjected to a more detailed evaluation by the PBAC which will determine who among the five will be declared eligible to submit the main bids.

The five bidders who submitted were the following: a) Consortium of First Phil Holdings & Abeima, b) Filinvest Agua Consortium, c) SMC – KWater Consortium, c) Team Polaris-MWCI and, d) Prime- Alloy Water Consortium. Prospective bidders Marubeni Corporation and Datem sent word that they will no longer participate in the bidding. There were originally fifteen (15) bidders who signified their interests to bid by buying the Pre-Qualification Tender Documents.

MWSS is targeting completion of the whole bidding process for the project by August next year.