On February 12, 2018, the traditional early Monday morning flag ceremony in MWSS Bulwagan Hall turned spiritually invigorating for the officers of MWSS as the Couples for Christ ANCOP group headed by Mr. Ricky Cuenca from ANCOP Canada along with its other members from CFC Philippines, upon invitation by Administrator Rey Velasco, came and spoke spiritually uplifting words to MWSS employees to renew and strengthen the Christian values of the MWSS employees.

The CFC ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor) group is the juridical entity established by CFC and mandated with the marketing and fund raising for the Church of the Poor Programs. ANCOP Foundations have been established in The Philippines, Canada, USA, Australia, Europe and other countries that support the various programs under the Church of the Poor.

The CFC ANCOP group has been working with Gawad Kalinga Foundation here in the Philippines whose initiative is to build houses for the poor. Administrator Velasco invited them to do the same for the indigenous people who will be displaced by the MWSS project New Centennial Kaliwa Dam project.