Environmentally-friendly Value Chain

To ensure the environmental soundness and sustainability of our programs, projects, and activities


  • Integrate environmental considerations into the project decision-making process.
  • Comply with governmental environmental laws and regulations and secure the project approvals.
  • Conduct consultation with affected communities and relevant national and local regulatory agencies.
  • Identify measures to avoid or mitigate adverse project impacts on the environment and proactively manage risks.
  • We believe that we can deliver sustainable conservation outcomes by utilizing the latest science and best practices for biodiversity management and by working in partnership with governments, civil society, and communities.
  • We are committed to improving our operational water management and engaging proactively with stakeholders in sectoral water challenges and solutions. We value water as a precious resource and seek to create a water stewardship legacy within the communities that we source our water.
  • Through MWSS Innovation and Technology Group, we support research of our water and wastewater treatment supplies, their uses, and value streams to better understand potential positive and negative impacts on human health and the environment, and to identify mitigation measures. We encourage, or require where practical, our Concessionaires to adopt similar objectives.

Stakeholders’ Relationship and Engagement

The MWSS-CO’s circle of concern as embodied in its Charter Statement, Manual of Corporate Governance and Performance Scorecard is its stakeholders.

Towards this end, WE commit –

  • To sustainable development.   It requires all officers and employees to comply with social, environmental laws and regulations.
  • To transparently communicate with stakeholders, and to respect all peoples.
  • To address the key social and environmental risks that the agency faces
  • To build and strengthen relationships of trust, share knowledge and relevant information, and identify new cooperation opportunities that could generate value for our stakeholders:   creditors, water concessionaires, lessees, customers, suppliers, government agency partners, local government units, employees, and communities where operate.

We do so through four(4)  major pillars:

  1. Quality Service. We build relationships that are founded on a commitment to each other’s success; act with humility and a willingness to listen, and be committed to resolving differences and conflicts in a constructive and transparent manner; and seek mutually beneficial outcomes in our decision making such that we contribute to sustainable development.
  2. Transparency. We seek to establish and maintain transparent relationships built on mutual respect and trust with communities affected by our operations.
  3. Reliability. We engage with local communities to build productive and healthy relationships and contribute to creating shared value.
  4. Respect.  We respect the dignity, wellbeing and human rights of employees and the communities in which operate, as well as others affected by our operations.