MWSS commenced today the gradual opening of  Ipo dam’s radial gates due to Severe Tropical Storm Jolina.  At 12 mid night Ipo Dam was at 99.76 meters or 1.34 meters away from its spilling level.  Ipo Dam which receives water from the Angat Dam and diverts water to La Mesa Dam had to spill to avoid being overtopped.

MWSS has issued a notice to local governments today about the planned spill release in order to alert residents in low-lying areas. As of 8 a.m., the Ipo Dam’s Radial Gate No.1 was 15cm to 20cm open, slowly releasing around 47 cubic meters per second of water to the Angat River, which flows to the Bustos Dam. Residents are advised to exercise extra caution due to the possibility of the river flowing up to the tops of the banks.