Administrator Reynaldo Velasco stepped down as MWSS Administrator to assume his post as MWSS Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  In a ceremonial turnover of leadership held on 9 August 2019, outgoing Chairman, Judge Franklin Demonteverde handed to incoming MWSS Chairman Reynaldo Velasco the MWSS flag.

Retired military general Emmanuel B. Salamat, was appointed by President Duterte on 29 July 2019.  He now sits as the new Administrator upon him being sworn into office by President Duterte and DPWH Secretary Mark Villar.  Pursuant to the MWSS Charter he automatically becomes the Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Judge Franklin Demonteverde became the newest member of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), the Supreme Court (SC) when he took his oath of office on 7 August 2019.

Judge Demonteverde and Gen Velasco, steered MWSS to its most challenging period, facing the water crisis, moving with prudence and best measures despite the challenges and given circumstance.

Newly appointed Administrator Salamat, in his message during the turn-over ceremonies said that the focus of his Administration is the improvement of water security measures and actions.  He said “Decreased water supplies mean more human suffering and increased risk of instability or even violence.  Often the area’s most deeply affected by environmental changes are already impoverished and lack the resources necessary for sound water management. Thus, we need a comprehensive approach to water security, working to engage all water users in our process – not just engineers and local leaders, but also individuals within communities.  In other words, we need to build the capacity to collaboratively manage our water and address their current water risks, as well as those that we may encounter in the future.”

With such resolve to adequately address the immediate and intermediate needs of water consumers in Metro Manila, our new Administrator is positively creating a good platform to secure water in the future.