In this extraordinary time of financial and economic disruption, MWSS’s corporate core values of “malasakit”, treating everyone with respect and kindness, are very much alive. After the week-long community pantry for the Old Balara residents in the first week of May 2021, another community pantry was again organized by the employees, this time exclusively for the janitors and security guards at the MWSS.

Although security and janitorial services are outsourced, the security guards and cleaning staff have always been considered members of the MWSS family. While most government employees are permitted to work from home, have access to shuttle service, and receive health care, security guards and cleaning staff are required to report to work, even under the most stringent quarantine restrictions, or they will lose their daily wage. They are at a higher risk of contracting COVID on a daily basis due to the very nature of their work. Because of the hustle and bustle of the workplace, they may appear unappreciated.   To make them feel the MWSS’ expression of “malasakit”, employees generously donated when they received their mid-year bonus to purchase food packs and provide financial assistance.


MWSS Chairman and OIC Administrator Reynaldo Velasco, who rolled out the idea of the Community Pantry, said . . . “Compassion, Sharing, and Daring (CSD). Bayanihan. These are the Filipino characteristics that will see us through the coming days and months as we work together to recover from the effects of COVID-19. This is where the MWSS spirit is always evident.” The coronavirus pandemic did have a major impact on our lives, but the “Bayanihan” spirit has always endured, motivating everyone in the MWSS family to be generous and grateful when times are difficult.