Water Security has a soul.  It is neither a concept nor a slogan.  It is a call to solid action.  Just as it is infrastructure, so too is it policy.  But more, much more than all that, it is passion to keep balance an intergenerational resource basic to man.

MWSS is central to Water Security in Mega Manila.  It desperately tries to keep that balance, that delicate life-equilibrium that can only be achieved with heart.  Agencies must not only understand but also embrace the basic truth that such imbalance fundamentally “widens the gap even more between the rich and the poor, the developed and the underdeveloped.”

Core to Water Security is environment; the reality of climate change; the impact of MWSS’ implementation or non-implementation of infrastructure; in-depth review and updating of policies and simulations used for decades; technology and methods; the synergy of agencies, both private and public.  The gain must always be felt.  The gain must always be fair.  The gain of Water Security must benefit all.

The path to these words is not easy.  Such path must be fueled to some extent, with advocacy and obsession; a delirious desire to keep that balance.  The call to action can only be won through war.  A battle against bureaucracy, turf, complex laws and rules that go nowhere, private gain, organizational collapse, inaction and ignorance, and the other evils that deprive a life resource to man.

This journey must be shared.  This story must continue.  The legacy must be its own equity.