transparency seal


The MWSS Transparency Seal is a testament of the MWSS’ corporate resolve to traverse the good route “Tuwid na Daan” and comply with requirements as provided for in the Transparency Seal Provision of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) for 2012.








We at Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) have carefully created a long-term Vision and Mission that will guide every aspect of our organization. This provides the framework for the goals we have established, the purpose we serve and the principles we stand for.

As the State’s chief agency on water and sewerage services, we will ensure that our concessionaires’ actions are equally guided by this Vision and Mission.

We derive our Mandate primarily from Republic Act 6234 which states the basic goals of the System and declares as its major policy the proper operation and maintenance of waterworks system to ensure an uninterrupted and adequate supply and distribution of potable water for domestic and other purposes and the proper operation and maintenance of sewerage systems in its service area which includes the whole of Metro Manila and parts of Cavite and Rizal.

MWSS Bldg and Carriedo Fountain


MWSS is the prime mover and guardian of water security providing adequate, safe, reliable, and affordable water and sewerage services to Metro Manila and its existing and future coverage areas, while ensuring the sustainability of its water resources and the intelligent and right use of water.


For Metro-Manila and its neighboring towns:

  • Protect, secure, optimize and expand our water sources, their watersheds and infrastructure
  • Provide equitable access to clean, potable and affordable water
  • Aggressively increase the coverage of sewerage disposal system
  • Ensure prudence and efficiency in the implementation of all our plans, including those we accomplish through our agent concessionaires, and in doing so, deliver affordable water tariffs that will support the long term water security program for Metro manila and all covered areas.

For our Employees:

  • Inculcate respect in the meaningful roles and contributions as part of nation building to the inter-generational legacies being pursued by the Corporation





Service Excellence







We pursue water security with profound respect for the environment and the resources we utilize, fully cognizant of the truth that in their continuous use lies the future of the country’s successful and sustainable economic growth and the very life and livelihood of our countrymen now and for generations to come. 



We institute these beliefs and values in our way of life, through leading by example and by making them an integral part of our performance management system.