Corporate Office (CO) Structure


Functions of the Corporate Office

  • Cooperate with the Concessionaires in the development of new water sources
  • Facilitate the exercise by the Concessionaire of its agency powers
  • Carry out accounting and notification functions
  • Monitor, report, and administer the MWSS loans and perform related functions in connection with existing projects
  • Manage and/or dispose retained assets
  • Provide other services or functions as assigned in the Concession Agreement


Functions of the Regulatory Office

  • Monitoring and/or enforcement of the Concession Agreements, including:
  • Contracts between the Concessionaires and Customers
  • Standards of service to Customers
  • Production of audited financial information, ruling on cost allocation and others for rate-setting methodology
  • Reviewing water supply and sewerage rates (tariff) and implementing Extraordinary Price Adjustment and Rate Rebasing provision
  • Prosecuting or defending proceedings before the Appeals panel

* NOTE: After the 10th year of the Concession Agreement, MWSS will be responsible for the development of new water sources.