Climate adaptation and watershed management are complex issues that cannot be adequately addressed by any single initiative or sector. The paradigm of a “watershed approach” which takes into account all factors and influences that affect the quality of water, is the most effective scientific tool for developing a roadmap for appropriate cleanup, restoration, and protection efforts.

MWSS, jointly with the Million Tree Foundation Inc. (MTFI), organized the strategic planning workshop. MTFI is an environmental organization that supports MWSS in watershed rehabilitation.  Taking off from the experiences and successes of the Annual Million Tree Challenge (AMTC 2017 to 2021), a 5-year project to restore the 7 critical watersheds from which MWSS obtains raw water, the MWSS’ partners of the AMTC, again met to create a plan/roadmap for the next eight (8) years.  The resulting roadmap (2022 to 2030) outlined how MWSS and the partner agencies will collaborate to achieve short and long-term goals, as well as make future decisions for the beneficiary areas.

Administrator Cleofas in her message to the workshop participants said  “In terms of exceeding the annual target, the AMTC has been a success. However, let us continue to advance science-based ecosystem management while remaining committed to the significant challenges that remain. Even if it feels like we’re fighting against the tide, by preserving healthy watersheds, we can ensure our future and leave a legacy for future generations.”